Oostende, Belgium 2017 for The Crystal Ship Festival.

Posted on Abr 12, 2017

This piece was inspired by the long-standing state in Belgium, an inconstant integral situation that lives every day to the limit of disintegration. Separated into two irreconcilable linguistic communities, with different cultures, along with old ethnic discords and other stories, are the basis of the crisis of this fragmented country. Researchers said that Belgium is the country that was the longest time without consolidating its own government, paradoxically, its capital Brussels, is considered the European Union capital. It is said that if Belgium collapses, the European Union will follow its steps.

The image shows a person recomposing a broken pottery, it will be unthinkable to return it to its original state, neither to know how much it would be able to take once recomposed, not even how much it will be able to resist. Taking this from a more human perspective, this wall speaks about the fragility of life in all its aspects.





(@aruallan photo)


(@aruallan photo)

Many special thanks to everyone involved in this projects, thanks to all Oostende neighbors for their hospitality.