¨Samexistens¨(Coexistence)- Trollhatan, Sweden 2016. Trollhatan Street Art Festival curated by Ekta Ekta.

Posted on abr 14, 2016

¨This wall is  located in Trollhattan town, Southwest of Sweden. In October  2015 a 21 years old Swedish man attacked some children with a sword in a school. One student and one adult died, and one more student and adult were seriously injured, the last one died at the hospital six weeks after the attack. Investigations confirmed that the reason behind the attack was “racist motives” and that it was a “hate crime” choosing the victims because of their ethnicity and the school for its location in a neighbourhood with many inmigrant population.
Trollhättan has been considered by researchers as the most highly segregated city in Sweden. Surveys frequently show Sweden to be the European country which is most tolerant of immigration, although its population is polarised on the issue.
This wall speaks about coexistence, not from a perspective of institutionalized solidarity, or an asymetrical cut, a movement from top to bottom, but from understanding it as a basic duty for every human, based on emphaty, on compassion, inherent to the fact of meeting people and generating a relationship of mutual giving and receiving.¨


Many special thanks to Ekta Ekta and Mattia Lullini for all the love and care, thanks to all the people that took part on the project and to Trollhattan neighbors for their support. Many thanks to all the artists for the great time shared.













Posted on ene 31, 2016

the process…Special thanks to all the neighbors from Vallecas for their support, company and nice sharing talks. (pic of a neighbor).






¨Contradiction¨(Contradicción) Madrid, Spain 2016.

Posted on ene 31, 2016

This wall speaks about the internal contradictions with which we live, conflicts arising from opposite desires of the relationship that we maintain with things, people and ideas. A constant state of negation and acceptance of who we are and what we want to be, thoughts based on ideals and socially set patterns that take us away from the reality of the present and the understanding of who we truly are.

Many special thanks to Remedios Vincent for inviting me to take part in this project, many thanks to all the neighbors fromVallecas for their support, company and nice sharing talks.

Special thanks to “Guillermo de la Madrid /Escrito en la pared” for the photos.









¨Reciprocity¨(Reciprocidad) Madrid, Spain 2015 for Madrid Street Art Project- Urban art and gender equality project.

Posted on ene 7, 2016

¨This wall speaks about gender equality, considering the concept of gender from a wider and more plural place. It downplays the biological condition of the individual, respecting the choice that each person makes about their condition as man, woman or a non-binary gender. It speaks of subverting the manichean logic that always favors one part over the other one, trying to speak from inside and outside the system and not only investing the traditional asymmetry to continue speaking from the same system that is criticized.¨

Many special thanks to Diana Prieto and Guillermo de la Madrid for all the love and care, to George Zolschoe for his help and company and extra thanks to adorable Matteo.
(Thanks to Guillermo de la Madrid from Madrid Street Art Project for the photos)









Fortaleza, Brasil 2015- Concreto Festival.

Posted on dic 2, 2015

¨Cinco países en el mundo prohiben completamente el aborto, cuatro de ellos están en Latinoamerica. En Brasil el aborto esta penalizado, es un tema del que no se suele hablar, sin embargo es la cuarta causa de muerte de la mujer. Se estima que una mujer Brasileña muere cada dos días víctima del aborto ilegal. Anualmente se realizan alrededor de un millón de abortos. Según establece el Codigo Penal Brasileño vigente desde 1940, el aborto es ilegal en Brasil salvo en dos supuestos: Si el embarazo pone en riesgo serio la vida de la mujer o si el embarazo es resultado de una violación. Actualmente este último se enfrenta a resistencias por parte de la comunidad evangélica, que lo consideran como una vía de alegación de la interrupción del embarazo. Este muro quiere cuestionar el uso del cuerpo de la mujer como territorio usurpado por la interferencia del Estado y sus leyes sobre un asunto privado que debería ser aceptado como tal y no penalizado, convirtiéndolo en un objeto de debate político en el cual la mujer pierde todo derecho y voto sobre su propio cuerpo. Habla sobre la falta de respeto hacia las mujeres a las cuales se las considera irresponsables e incapaces de tomar desiciones basadas en sus propios valores morales de acuerdo a sus circunstancias concretas.¨





¨Público/ Privada¨Fortaleza, Brasil 2015- Concreto Festival

Posted on dic 2, 2015

¨Público/ Privada¨- Fortaleza, Brasil 2015- Universidad Federal do Ceara- Centro de Humanidades- Festival Concreto.

Abortion is completely forbiden in five countries in the world, four of them are in Latin America. Abortion is illegal in Brazil, it is a topic that is not usually spoken, yet it is the fourth cause of death for women. It is estimated that a Brazilian woman dies every two days victim of illegal abortion. One million abortions are performed annually. Since 1940 the Penal Brazilian Code established that abortions are illegal in Brazil except in two cases: If the pregnancy seriously endangers woman’s life or if is a rape’s consequence. Currently this last one is facing resistance from the evangelical community, as they consider it as a way to claim abortion. This wall questions the use of female body as an usurped territory by the state and its laws interference on a private matter that should be accepted as such and not penalized, turning it in a political debate subject in which women lose all rights and vote on their own body. It talks about the lack of respect for women who are considered irresponsible and incapable of making decisions based on their own moral values according to their specific circumstances.

Many special thanks to Narcelio Grud for the care and  company, thanks to the people from the University for their hospitality and to all the artists for the time shared…all my love to Fortaleza.













¨Widerspruch¨(Contradiction)- Bundeskunsthalle Museum- Bonn, Germany 2015.

Posted on nov 25, 2015

I was invited to paint an indoor wall in a museum for a Graffitti and Street Art Festival ¨BundeskunstHALL OF FAME¨-
This is a metaphorical representation of how do I feel taking my work out of its context.

Special thanks to Allan Gretzki and Friederike Siebert for the care and to all the people from the museum for their hospitality.









Ravenna, Italy 2015.

Posted on nov 18, 2015

25 November ¨International Day for the Elimination of Violence against Women¨
Ravenna, Italy 2015 for Subsidence Festival.

This wall is located in the ¨Giardino Sorelle Mirabal¨, named this way in honor to the Mirabal Sisters, four Dominican sisters who opposed the dictatorship of Rafael Trujillo and were involved in clandestine activities against his regime. They use to called themselves ¨The Butterflies¨.
Three of the sisters were assassinated on 25 November 1960. The Mirabal´s death was a catalyst for change, and was the first event in a long sequence of events that led to freedom and democracy in the Dominican Republic.
In 1999 the 25 November was designated as the ¨International Day for the Elimination of Violence against Women¨ in their honor.

Many special thanks to Antonella Midka Perazza and Mirko Dadich for the love, care and nice company, thanks to Chiara and Marco and to all the women from ¨Casa della donne¨ for the love.









Niort, France 2015.

Posted on oct 4, 2015

¨Il est interdit d´interdire¨ ( Prohibido prohibir) Niort, France 2015- for Le 4eme Mur Festival.

This wall doesn’t speak solely through context, but it does speak about our time. It tells of human beings, immigrants or refugees alike, any person who for any number of reasons feels the need to move somewhere else. It speaks of our innate indifference to distance and our lack of interest for nameless and faceless people. It speaks to the internal contradiction between principles, rights, and our own self interests.

Special thanks to Eric Surmont for inviting me to take part of this project and to all the people from Niort for their frienship.










San Potito Sannitico, Italy, 2015

Posted on sep 2, 2015

¨Espacios de empoderamiento¨ San Potito Sannitico, Italy, 2015. Fate Festival. Many special thanks to Tono, Nino, Julianna and all the beautifull people from San Potito for their hospitality.











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