Posted on Mar 23, 2015

Sao Bento Station seems to work as a border between two parallel worlds that coexist in the same city, but that do not bind. The circumference área has lost motion and their dilapidated empty streets is given slowly space to an inevitable process of gentrification.

Today many of those living in the neighborhood are immigrants, women and men involved in prostitution, drug addicts that use the empty streets, while others use it as occupied space. Somehow either by their circumstances or their life choices, are socially marginalized. Lives that are invisible to the city and tourism.

¨Including the excluded¨ is a series of nine designs constructed from photographs taken during the day in the peripheral station streets, spaces and stories that link one to each other. Representing people, moments and objects in his presence in everyday life and anonymity.



Pencil on paper- 32,5×45 cm.- 2015.


Pencil on paper- 32,5×45 cm.- 2015.