¨Samexistens¨(Coexistence)- Trollhatan, Sweden 2016. Trollhatan Street Art Festival curated by Ekta Ekta.

¨This wall is  located in Trollhattan town, Southwest of Sweden. In October  2015 a 21 years old Swedish man attacked some children with a sword in a school. One student and one adult died, and one more student and adult were seriously injured, the last one died at the hospital six weeks after the attack. Investigations confirmed that the reason behind the attack was “racist motives” and that it was a “hate crime” choosing the victims because of their ethnicity and the school for its location in a neighbourhood with many inmigrant population.
Trollhättan has been considered by researchers as the most highly segregated city in Sweden. Surveys frequently show Sweden to be the European country which is most tolerant of immigration, although its population is polarised on the issue.
This wall speaks about coexistence, not from a perspective of institutionalized solidarity, or an asymetrical cut, a movement from top to bottom, but from understanding it as a basic duty for every human, based on emphaty, on compassion, inherent to the fact of meeting people and generating a relationship of mutual giving and receiving.¨


Many special thanks to Ekta Ekta and Mattia Lullini for all the love and care, thanks to all the people that took part on the project and to Trollhattan neighbors for their support. Many thanks to all the artists for the great time shared.