Arizona, EEUU 2014. ¨The Painted Desert Project¨

Posted on Oct 7, 2014

Many special thanks to Chip Thomas for inviting me to take part of his project, for his great hospitality and great company during the week I spent there.

It has been the tradition and practice of Navajo people for many years to greet each day with Morning Prayer. Men and women do the prayer in the doorway of their hoghans which face east to greet the rising sun. The prayer is done using white corn pollen. 
It has been known that every Navajo has spiritual attachment with everyone and with the mother earth as well.
The main objective of this early morning prayer to Navajo is to carry the seeker into the existence if the incoming day with open mind and open heart. They believe that if they can arrive at this point they can influence the incoming day. There is an incredible level of power flowing in the present time. As Navajo seeker, the only objective is to be really in the present time where the energy resides and not burdened with reliving the things happen yesterday or stress about what is supposed to take place today and tomorrow.


The Morning Prayer

With beauty before me, I walk.

With beauty behind me, I walk.

With beauty beneath me, I walk.

With beauty all around me, I walk.


In beauty it is finished.

In beauty it is finished.

In beauty it is finished.

In beauty it is finished.


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