The topic suggested for this project was about how we understand the concept of growth/ re-growth, subject which somehow was linked to the dificult past history of Heerlen in the late 1950, after the Golden years coalming ended  due to competition from cheaper Polish and American coal and the discovery of natural gas. Coalmines were closed all together and a difficult period of economic re-adjustment started in Heerlen. Even today the city has not fully recovered from the loss of tens of thousands of Jobs.

Using the Japanese art practice of repairing broken pottery as a metaphor of life, making the piece even more beautiful than the original, this wall speaks from a more personal perspective about these difficult issues, our sufferings, sorrows and wounds that we live with over time. Refers about the possibility of extracting a sense and deeper learning to recover and become even stronger from this experiences, understanding them as a possibility of growth and learning. To accept this opportunities as something valuable, as a gift that gives us life to transform us into something greater.

( Photos by Sanne from Street Art Herlen.)

pic by @timjentsch