Santa Coloma de Gramenet is a city located in the province of Barcelona, a city that is characterized among other things for its fight against LGTBIfobia. This same year, the first Local Equality Plan was approved for affective, sexual and gender identity diversity, with the objective of avoiding discrimination and defending affective and sexual diversity.

The wall represents different types of chairs, taking the chair as any other element, object or piece of furniture in this case, with which we relate daily. We go through different types of chairs in a day, some turned out to be more comfortable than others, but at no time we questioned the diversity. In a metaphorical way speaking, we can say the same about people, we get related with different persons throughout the day and in the same way, beyond that we can get along better with some than with other, we must respect diversity, because as much in people as in chairs and as in everything, diversity is what beauty does. xx